Want to try Helena’s books for free?

Trying out a new author for the first time – or even trying out a new series by an author you already like – can be scary stuff.

To make sure you’re going to enjoy my series, I like to offer a free prequel so that you can see what you think of my writing style before committing to a series.

If you’re not sure which one to start with, I’d recommend The Sword and the Star, since this is my most recent work, but see which series takes your fancy.

Kingdom of Spirits

With the future of their kingdom hanging in the balance, Zadie is forced to choose: her sister’s happiness, or her own freedom?

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The Sword and the Star

A prince who could bring back the fae or start a war…

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The Hagstone

They said that hagstones could be used as windows into Faerie…

…Madeleine thought they might be used as doors.

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