About Helena

I write series of other-world fantasy novels which take readers on enchanting adventures in faraway places.

You’ll visit distant kingdoms, palaces, libraries, deserts, and wild, wicked forests.

You’ll meet assassins and thieves, kings and queens, witches and warriors.

You’ll watch alliances form and romances slowly develop.

You’ll learn that magic doesn’t help solve impossible choices.

And at the end of it all, I hope you’ll leave my worlds with a lingering sense of wonder…


Helena Rookwood is obsessed with all things fantasy and folklore. From a little house in Scotland which overlooks the hills, she spends her time poring over old books about the Old Ways, when she imagines everything might have been just a little bit more magical, and greedily tearing through more recent books by other fantasy authors – some of her favourites include Sarah J. Maas, Sabaa Tahir, and Holly Black.

When Helena manages to get her nose out of a book, you can find her roaming the hills in search of the little folk,* opening the cupboard doors quickly in case she finally discovers Narnia,** and mulling over the unhappy fact that she probably would have been a hobbit and not an elf had she lived in Middle Earth.***

If you’ve got questions for Helena, the best thing to do is to send her an email. She particularly likes hearing from people who want to share old folktales, send her pictures of their pets, or gush about how wonderful her books are. She replies to every email from her readers herself, even if it sometimes takes her a little while to do so!

If this sounds like the kind of conversation you’d like to have more regularly, you can also subscribe to fortnightly letters from Helena.

*foraging for wild snacks
**searching for less-wild snacks
***did you even read my other footnotes about snacks?